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Ordering Process

Do you know what you want?

Is it clothing – a polo shirt, jacket, cap, Is it a gift – a pen, a bag, IT gear?
Let us know and we can help you choose.

You aren’t sure what you want

What is the purpose for the promotion? Who is your target audience?
What is your budget? The more we know, the more we can help you!

Quantities, Sizings & Branding

How many of each item do you want? What kind of print?
What are the design specs?


How much can you spend? When do you need it by?
Where are they being sent?

Local Ordering Process


Client will send Acme the brief with ideas and details. We prefer to receive the artwork at this stage. A quote is sent back to the client for approval.


Acme will send client an order confirmation, usually with draft artwork layout for comment. Deposit paid if necessary.


The quote is approved by the client, artwork finalised and approved.


Acme either picks or orders stock for the project, and sends to branding department for branding work, with finalised artwork.


Acme approves production details and artwork with the supplier or branding department.  Production commences.


Final payment details organised and the finished order is dispatched to client’s address.